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Top 5 Oral Irrigators- Pros and Cons

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The oral irrigators also called Dental water jet, Waterpick, Water Flosser are oral health devises for home use. They generally use pulsating water to remove dental plaque or food remains between teeth or under the gum line. They are used for a better hygiene especially in people that are being treated

Teeth Whitening 4 You Review

After coming to terms with the stark reality of using the available dental solutions for teeth whitening, Lucy Bennett decided to take account of how dental practice should really be applied and by effort and chance combined evolved the revolutionary system. This natural teeth whitening pack baffles dentists and

Is It Necessary For Baby Teeth To Be Filled?

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Some people think that filling baby teeth is a waste of time, because sooner or later they will fall or because baby teeth don’t have roots. These are the most frequent excuses from parents when asked why they don’t take children to the dentist to fill baby teeth. These

Gum Disease Linked With Stroke And Heart Disease

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Were you aware of the fact that heart attacks are caused by the same plaque that builds up on your teeth? The most common form of bacteria that is in dental plaque is able to escape out into the bloodstream and then end up traveling arteries, resulting in blood

Baby Teething Pain Remedies

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Six-months-old is when teething usually occurs. However, it is quite normal for it to start between 3-12 months of age. By the time your child is around 3, they should have 20 primary teeth. Usually it is the lower front teeth that arrive first. The upper teeth take a

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

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Have been to the dentist today because you needed a simple tooth extraction or a complicated wisdom tooth extraction? You should follow carefully your doctor’s advice and also take care of yourself for the rest of the day. Here there are some tips for you

Can Oral Piercings Damage Your Teeth?

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Piercing and tattoos the recent years have became a form of self-expression. Especially piercings in the oral cavity are becoming very popular. Tongue piercing is the fifth most popular piercing in the western world. Other sites for oral piercing can be lips, cheeks or a combination of the sites.

Periodontal Pockets – How To Treat Them?

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Periodontal disease is called a group of inflammatory diseases that affect the support tissue of the tooth. It might affect the gingival tissues and is called gingivitis or might affect deeper periodontal tissue and is called periodontitis. Periodontal pockets are created by the increase of the gingival sulcus. The

Clove Oil And Toothache

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Clove or clove oil are very well known in herbal medicine. Cloves are also used as spices for different cooking. Here we are going to talk about their properties in relieving toothache. Before starting to talk about the beneficial of cloves and clove oil is important to understand that clove isn’t a cure for

Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental Implants are a screw- like posts made of titanium and are used to replace missing teeth. It’s always better to have your own teeth, but sometimes due to profound caries, apical lesions, fractures or other problems, saving your own teeth becomes difficult. So in order to guarantee you