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Is It Necessary For Baby Teeth To Be Filled?

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Some people think that filling baby teeth is a waste of time, because sooner or later they will fall or because baby teeth don’t have roots. These are the most frequent excuses from parents when asked why they don’t take children to the dentist to fill baby teeth. These

Baby Teething Pain Remedies

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Six-months-old is when teething usually occurs. However, it is quite normal for it to start between 3-12 months of age. By the time your child is around 3, they should have 20 primary teeth. Usually it is the lower front teeth that arrive first. The upper teeth take a

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Small children can develop dangerous tooth decay and other important oral diseases early in life if parents aren’t careful enough. Generally parents think that since baby teeth (primary teeth) are going to be replaced there isn’t a good reason to take care of the child oral hygiene. In fact