Tooth Decay Treatment

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Tooth decay treatment depends on the severity of the decay process. The decay process begins almost 12 hours after brushing your teeth and at this time the process is reversible. The treatment in this case is just brushing your teeth after each meal using fluoride toothpaste to remineralize dental tissue and remove dental plaque deposits from the teeth’s surface. Brushing your teeth after each meal isn’t always possible because of your daily activity so at least brush your teeth twice a day in the morning and before sleeping.Tooth Decay Treatment

Very important is also to floss your teeth to prevent dental plaque formation on interdental surface. Also fluoride treatment may be enough to reverse early decay. When the decay process has created a cavity in the tooth’s hard tissue enamel or dentine the process is irreversible. In this case only professional treatment is needed. There are different kinds of remedies depending on the severity of the tooth cavity. (more…)

Dental Plaque

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Dental plaque is a colorless biofilm that forms around the tooth surfaces. It can attach on every tooth surface especially on intedental surface, occlusal surface, irregular surface of the tooth enamel, and close with the gingival tissue. The biofilm forms just  1-2 minutes after brushing your teeth. The teeth are covered by a film of salivary mucoproteins which is colonized by 350 different kind of bacteria. The most important are Streptococcus mutans, salivaris, mitis, Lactobacillus, actinomycetes etc.They use carbohydrates stuck on the tooth surface for their metabolism and multiply making dental plaque thicker and more complex.Dental Plaque

From the bacteria metabolism lactic acid is formed which irritates the soft tissue around the tooth and demineralize the hard tissue. The film is soft initially it is unstructured and is called amorphous dental plaque and comes off simply with mechanical cleaning. (more…)

Tooth Decay Causes

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Tooth decay or dental caries is the most common disease throughout the world. It is a progressive disease of the hard dental tissue caused by bacteria. Bacterial infection progresses and damages the hard tooth structure (enamel, dentin, cementum) until they break down producing cavities known as dental caries. There are different factors that cause tooth decay and they should be present on the same time to create the tooth cavity.

Tooth Decay Causes These factors include:

  • Bacteria
  • Individual predisposition
  • Carbohydrates (sugar )
  • Time (more…)

Toothache Causes

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Toothache or else known as odontoltagia is an aching pain in or around tooth. It can have a big impact in your daily life, psychological, physical and in some social aspect. It can cause eating problems, emotional instability such as mood variation or cranky mood, sleeping problems, discomfort etc…

Toothache causes can be various:


Toothache Causes
Toothache can be caused by problems of the tooth itself or can be referred to by other diseases such as temporo-mandibular joint disorders.

The kind of pain that you feel depends on the type of tooth problem you have. It might happen on different occasions like: (more…)