Toothache Causes

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Toothache or else known as odontoltagia is an aching pain in or around tooth. It can have a big impact in your daily life, psychological, physical and in some social aspect. It can cause eating problems, emotional instability such as mood variation or cranky mood, sleeping problems, discomfort etc…

Toothache causes can be various:


Toothache Causes
Toothache can be caused by problems of the tooth itself or can be referred to by other diseases such as temporo-mandibular joint disorders.

The kind of pain that you feel depends on the type of tooth problem you have. It might happen on different occasions like:

• When using cold or hot drinks or food
• When eating while teeth come in contact with each other (percussion pain)
• When brushing teeth etc…

The diagnosis sometimes is so obvious that you don’t need to have a dental degree to understand it and all you need is a little research work to find some remedies at list for a temporary relief and then contact your dentist for the right treatment. In the following articles we are going to explain everything that you need to know about toothache.

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