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Toothache can have a big impact in your everyday life. Its severity can range from a mild discomfort to a shattering pain. And unless you don’t have a dentist at home you may need some help for temporary relief until you can go to a dentist. And an interesting fact is that in most cases the pain happens in the middle of the night leaving you with no sleep at all. As we said earlier toothache causes can vary so different remedies are used for different situation. We are doing a list of Top products you can use for toothache based on its causes. But remember these products can be use only temporary until your dentist can help you. They are not a permanent solution to your toothache. Here are the best product we found:

1. DenTek Toothache KitDenTek Toothache Kit– contains toothache medication with clove oil to soothe the throbbing pain due to a cavity. With a pair of disinfected tweezers you can take a cotton pellets and pour some medicine in it and then put it directly to the cavity. Careful not to touch the surrounding mucosa because it may burn it creating another source of pain. It also contains a Temporary Filling Material to repair loose caps, crown, inlays and lost fillings with the same ingridients as the one used by dentists. After you have used the medication you can close it to prevent bacteria from entering the cavity. The kit also contains a saver jar because accidents can happen and in case you lost a tooth you can keep it there until you can see a dentist.
Anbesol Maximum Strength Oral Anesthetic Gel2a. Anbesol Maximum Strength Oral Anesthetic Gel – Contains Benzocaine 20% that is a local anesthetic used as topical pain reliever. It is placed around the tooth area where you feel the pain and gives instant toothache relief and it can also be used for gum pain, or denture pain. It can be used for temporary relief only and you may need to repeat it several times during the day.


Anbesol Maximum Strength Oral Anesthetic Gel JR2b. Anbesol Instant Brace Pain Relief– For kids you can use this other product that contains Benzocain 10%. This gel can be used to relief from brace pain or the other pains mentioned before as toothache or canker sores. It is usually used for kids from 6-17 years old.



Oraljel Advanced Tooth Desensitizer3. Oraljel Tooth Desensitizer– it provides faster and longer lasting relief for dentinal hypersensitivity, more than you sensitive teeth toothpaste can provide. You can use this gel after you received a whitening treatment and you steel have sensitive teeth, or when you have abraded teeth causing you sensitivity. It relieves sensitivity within the first day of use and is really simple to use.



4. Anti-inflammatory drugs – They are the simplest thing you can do to relieve pain. They will help until you can see your dentist. While you use our other products for toothache relief, you can also use this pain killers as a combination for a better relief:
Advil Liquid Gels

4a. It is proven that Advil Liquid Gel can relieve from pain very fast. This pills can be used for toothache, headache, muscular aches, reduce fever and menstrual cramps.



Exedrin Extra Strength

4b. Exedrin Extra Strength– it is a combination of pain relievers. It contains acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine. It can be  used for temporary relief from toothache, headache, menstrual cramps or muscular aches. So having them will not be a waste, they can also be used for other purposes.



Exedrin PM4c. Exedrin PM– If your toothache starts in the middle of the night as it usually happens than you must use because it also contains a sleep aid to help you get some sleep.


Please before you use any of these products read carefully all label information on delivery. We hope we have helped you with our advice. And don’t forget they are only for temporary relief. You will need to go the dentist so he can cure your teeth and the cause of your pain.

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